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Subdivision of land

Getting ready to Subdivide

If you are thinking about subdividing it is important to conduct a few preliminary investigations on to the property.

We suggest that you make enquiries with the local council and water authorities and have a discussions with a local planning surveyor prior to making the decision to subdivide.

It is between you and the planning surveyor to lodge the permit applications and survey plans for approval by the Council and subsequently begin preparing the land.

Should you be required to lodge any agreements or covenants on title your conveyancer will assist with this.

It is extremely popular to sell the subdivided land prior to the subdivision being finalised.

This is called an off the plan sale and allows for you to guarantee yourself a sale of the developed land once he subdivision has been completed.

Your conveyancer will be able to assist with the preparation of these contracts and ensure that the appropriate special conditions are in the document.


Once the authorities and surveyor have signed off that the subdivision has been completed to satisfaction it is now time for the conveyancer and surveyor to lodge with the Land Titles Office.

Once the Land Titles Office have approved and registered the new subdivision then any Contracts that have been entered into can be settled or the land can now be sold.

The settlement of these contracts will flow relatively similar to a standard sale of which you can read about the process here

Getting ready to Subdivide

Key things when subdividing

  • Have you made the correct enquiries with the local authorities
  • Have you engaged a planning surveyor
  • Remember to discuss with your conveyancer your goals for subdividing


To discuss subdividing property please call our office on 0415 820 248 or click Enquire Now and a representative from our office will be contact with you.